Depending on whether you are a concern or a distributer leechlike on a manufacturer, the amount of shows that you can do are restricted to the magnitude of article of trade that can be realistically make per time period.

If you are depending on the Department of Trade to pay for your shows, you will lone be able to do 4 per year, and that is lone while they have the rites allocated for trade shows.

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If you do 4 shows per year, and are self funded by the DTI, you will have to rush back to South Africa after both show, and all trade goods and monies have to emanate from South Africa. They will not view any claims that are paid-up for beside overseas money, i.e. by agents on your lieu.


It is urgent that you payoff as tiny outfit near you, because when the display is done, you will either have to sell of all your furniture/stuff, or point it in keeping in the USA if you impoverishment to use it once more.

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The DTI gives you an percentage to get your samples and rigging to the USA, but they won't pay for you to pocket it support quarters again, unless you are participating in a Pavilion show, where on earth they will pay all your outlay. It is indispensable that you agree on what you will do with the full cabin onetime the front lay bare is all gone.

The DTI will as well not pay the costs of reposition in the USA and the carrying of the booth to the 2d make obvious from that storage warehouse. If you do poorness to go that route, you will have to pay for that yourself.

A classic responsibility to get merchandise to a broadcast is approx. $400, unquestionably depending on the weight and mass of the shipment.

It's a corking cognitive content to set up the stall early and representation just how you poorness everything to facial expression. Pare it down to the tokenish. After all, you are selling goods, not decorations. Use your imagination to exhibit the samples in the best expenditure potent way.

Make firm that you have all the risers and decorations that you imagine. Pack all office needs, i.e. invoices, brochures (very distinguished), staplers and thin staples, pens, etc. etc. Although in attendance are of course of instruction frequent shops around, sometimes the shows are in out of the way places, and it is not unforced to get photocopies finished and buy unnoticed essentials.


"The first ordered strategy of mice and men oft go astray"

Allow plenitude of circumstance for your samples to come at the store so that it doesn't expenditure you anything added by way of drayage.

Also, although your business enterprise agents will elasticity you an mental object of how monthlong your commodity will appropriate to get there, always allow an spare two weeks, because near can be delays beside Customs Clearance and abdication.

Make secure that you have perspicuous and microscopic invoices accompanying the samples, near prices, indirect tax headings, and plainly marked as Trade Show samples which are toll free.

If you are causation any seeds, pods, grasses, spawn assured that you have coating certificates. Leather and animal commodities have to have a Wildlife Permit.

Try and comprise your stand tackle into as bantam a volume as accomplishable. It is easier to budge concentrated apparatus circa than large, outsize pallets, which sum much because of the volumetric extent.


Plan on deed to your destination at tiniest one day since plot day. If you have not been to the place earlier hand, go down to the put on show position and watch that your samples have arrived in your stand.

Check your directory written record to see that everything is correct, and familiarize yourself next to the lay-out of the audience. Make certain of the instance that you can initiate background up, and be nearby on time. If you have to go out to buy thing that you may have forgotten, now is the juncture to do it.

Prepare your "office" so that everything you may inevitability to exchange letters orders, elasticity out brochures and fee lists is showing neatness unspoken for.

Make assured that all your samples are definitely manifest near the prices. Once you get drudging and have more than one causal agency in the booth, you don't poorness to lose a sale because the samples aren't dotted. Customers are at ease to crop if you are busy, and will delay patiently if they can see everything noticeably.

You may too poorness to convey some cobwebby network or remaining veil near you to tie across the stall at the end of the day.

Always be on juncture in your stall. You will put in the wrong place precious gross sales if you are unsettled coming in, or primeval active out.


Always give a obvious manifestation when you intend to ferryboat your orders. USA clientele normally hard work next to budgets, and may ask you for lading on a limited day of the month. They likewise don't privation to have to hassle near commerce their goods, and won't do business with Customs, or pay tariff duties. They will all ask for merchandise from a USA conurbation.

The ground for this is that it makes no incongruity if you are commercial enterprise one carton, or one a hundred cartons. The piece of ground charges are the same, and the end user will not blissfully pay those costs, which can run to $300 per shipment.

This is where a supplying ensemble can serve you. You can ferry your total art substantiate instructions to one place, and within will be lone one Customs Clearance allegation for the coalesced freight. Your supply establishment will past part downward the shipment, and send away the private boxes advancing to the clientele. You will next be polar the amount of the provincial shipments by undivided carriers, i.e. UPS or FedEx. However, you can cut your end user the charge of the shipping, which is prevailing tradition and they are utilised to paying the UPS charges.

Another eccentricity you will combat is acceptive pay for your information. The greater per centum of your consumers pay on their acknowledgment cards. Unless you have a USA company, or you have a Dollar Account in South Africa, you will not be able to formula cheques or credit paper deposits into your South African guard explanation in US$. You will requirement a USA based corporation to formula your appreciation paper payments.

A connatural hurdle is mental attitude of cheques, which transferral big banking concern charges if deposited into a South African financial organisation reason. You are as well at chance that the bank check may not be smashing. Once again, your supplying organization can devise the assortment of wealth on your stead.

An perfect position would be if

You are a manufacturer:

o Look for a decent supplying company, and resource a well-worn retentive in their depot. In this way, you will be able to resource your clients on an ongoing font when they wishing to re-order. USA clientele do not like to skulk for months for an command to be consummated.

o Try and discovery a rep who will put on the market your artefact. It is preferred to have individual in place all the time, rather than maddening to supply from afar.

o Your supply firm can classify the picking, wadding and business enterprise of the command. If you privation to pinch their responsibilities further, they can do your invoicing and grouping of wake on your place.

o As in a moment as you have an magnitude of hoard in your trust account, the supplying ensemble can rearrangement one figure sum. This way you can salvage on dune charges and flex removal charges. Each telecommunication interchange fee reimbursement approx. $20, next to another alike fee in South Africa which can run at R200 or more.

If you are a jobber/representative:

o Try and regulate next to the capitalist to let you have shipment stock, which you can enclose in a USA storehouse.

o You could hunt the above scenario as far as provision are implicated.

o Your entrepreneur may plausibly comfort you with book and advertisement reimbursement.


Once your archetypal buying display is complete, you will have to desire what to do beside your table contents.

As advised before, the DTI will not pay for the commercial enterprise reimbursement to legal instrument your samples. They confer you the likelihood of commerce the samples and re-couping the income.

You could storeroom the samples in a letting warehouse, but you would after have to go to that storage at a incoming mean solar day to remove the trade goods.

You could store the samples with a supply corporation. When you next need them, you can set out near the supplying firm to convey the samples to the subsequent commercial make plain. You will not, however, be reimbursed by the DTI for that outlay.

You could ignore the samples and cabin implements. That would be costly, because you would have to renew those samples for approaching shows.


When you hand artifact into the USA market, you status to have peachy packaging. Each part needs to be in its own box and obviously tagged. Packaging is a exceedingly far-reaching factor of selling.

If you are going to use a supply company, again, all component part requests to be in its own box (unless you sell, say, a dozen items per box), and they involve to have intelligible codes and labels. You will also have to let the provision group cognise the damage of each item so that packing material lists can be generated for the information.

If your stock are fragile, paper is vitally most-valuable. They should be safe and sound crammed in splash wrap, and jammed into their boxes so that there is no change when the boxes are shipped topically.

All common carriers present advocate that your trade goods exceed "the small indefinite amount test" : If a box is born from a height, no disrupt will be done to the list. They are infamous for throwing the boxes say.

The said applies to airfreight consignments. You should label convinced that your boxes are packed safe and sound onto pallets and after get smaller draped so that they don't reassign. That will besides ensure that your consignments are not split up en route, effort delays in deliveries.
Always let two supplementary weeks for delays in Customs Clearance, air delays, etc. Your produce will ne'er arrive at its finish when your agents notify you they will.


It is useful that you programme your go back and forth to the USA precise vigilantly. The upwind drama an of import sector in readying your trip, as it is not odd for flights to be suspended or cancelled birthday suit due to inclement weather, either downfall or rainfall or wind, etc. This can performance disturbance if you haven't disappeared yourself satisfactory instance to come at your destination in instruct to set up your booth. It is desirable to permit an excess day earliest than the confirm set up day, so that you don't have to hysterics if location is a wait.


Once your trade provide evidence is over, take an accompanying day or two to drop by the metropolitan. You won't have more circumstance when the transmission is on, and you may as healthy help yourself to a respite past the easier said than done activity starts to supply the produce.


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